What can i say about Juliet simms?

My Juliet Simms appreciation post.

Well, this woman! WOW! is all i have to say first of all!

Can you just take a moment to realize, 10 YEARS! she spent getting her name out, touring, recording, going through different production company’s and management and still managed to stay, sane, crazy, amazing, inspired and have hope! She never gave up, when it got to a point where she almost gave up, what did she do? Come back with vengeance and SMASHED season 2 of the voice, no she didn’t win,(she should have though) but shes had nothing but success since then. Recording a new album under the production on Ceelo Green, released ‘Wild child’ which is just awesome! and has done several shows as well as sing the national anthem at a football game! 

Sorry but this woman knows what shes doing and how to do it, she is going to go far, shes the product of showing that Female rock musicians are coming back stronger then before and won’t take NO for an answer! It just goes to show what a fantastic voice, amazing writing skills & an amazing personality can do for you!

Juliet Simms, you are insanely appreciated, especially by me! You gave me inspiration, and yours songs have bought me out of the darkest times in my life!

Thankyou & I love you.

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